Visit in the heart of Beaujolais wine country with Patrice Chevrier

Autumn is just around the corner and sun rays are getting shyer, but the cold weather hasn’t arrived yet.

It’s the perfect time to appreciate a glorious Beaujolais wine, supple, light, and as per the tradition – slightly chilled. 

My favourite producer in the Beaujolais region is named Patrice Chevrier.

In 1984, Patrice took over a four-generation old family business and built a cellar. Over the years, he expanded the family Domaine to the Chirouble, Brouilly, Morgon and Fleurie appellations, and seeded Syrah, Viognier and Pinot noir grapes. Nowadays, his estate spans 25 hectares.

Harvest is made by hand, which not only guarantees a better selection but is also a requirement in Beaujolais, where grapes are not crushed to release the juice but placed in a tank to macerate whilst the juice is still in the grapes. This wine-making process results in the floral, fruity aromas and low tannins so distinctive to the wines from Beaujolais.

Domaine Patrice Chevrier Morgon - 2018

Domaine Patrice Chevrier Fleurie - 2018

Domaine Patrice Chevrier Bourgogne Blanc - 2018

Domaine Patrice Chevrier Brouilly - 2018




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